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You only live once, you only live twice, but you never die.
von Babo Lacher | 25.03.2015

Love me or hate me but dont change me!
von halluu | 28.02.2015

Everyone want`s some magical solutions for their problems ... but everyone refuses to believe in magic.
von Jefferson | 01.02.2015

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Mother hold her little daugther 20 minutes under water, not to make her any troubles, just to see the funny bubbles!
Einzelansicht | 4,5 Sterne

Love is a Name, sex a Game, forget the Name and play the Game!
Einzelansicht | 4 Sterne

Sex drugs and rock'n roll, speed weed and birthcontrol, life's a bitch and then you die so fu** the world and lets get high.
Einzelansicht | 3,5 Sterne

Two in a car, two little kisses, two weeks later, mister an misses.
Einzelansicht | 3 Sterne

Never forget me, forget me never, and when you forget me - forget me forever.
Einzelansicht | 5 Sterne

Love begins with a smile, goes on with a kiss and end with tears. Love is like a war, it's easy to begin, hard to end and never to forget.
Einzelansicht | 4 Sterne

Everybody wants to be happy; nobody wants to be in pain; but can you have a rainbow.. Without any rain?
Einzelansicht | 4 Sterne

Sometimes I wish I were an Angel ♥
Einzelansicht | 3 Sterne

Love means never have to say you're sorry.
Einzelansicht | 3 Sterne

Sometimes I wish I was a little child again... hurting knees are easier to heel as a broken heart.
Einzelansicht | 4,5 Sterne

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