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Part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from!
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Don't cry, say 'fuck you' and smile :)
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When you goe's me on the Nerven! I put you in the Gulli, do's the Deggl druff, and you never come back to the Tageslicht.
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Fu** is easy, fu** is funny, many people fu** for money. And if you think that fu** is funny, fu** your self and save your money!
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If she screams u know it's good, but if she crys u have the fuck!
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There was a young man named skinner. He invited a lady to dinner. At a quarter past nine They sat down to dine, at a quarter past ten it was in her. The dinner, not Skinner. Skinner was in her before dinner.
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Good Night and sleep well on your quitsching bettgestell and when it quitsching extra loud - i know youl fell out and whe i look at you i'm very munter than you are a little bunter... :D
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Well, today is my birthday. Another documentable year of surviving in a world run by idiots.
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People change. Things go wrong. Shit happens. Just remember - Life goes on.
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